The innovative PFAMEN™-technology already found its way into a “GREEN“ product for the automotive industry and automotive aftermarket:

This revolutionary fuel injector, based on the aforementioned Porous Fuel Air Mixing Enhancing Nozzle (PFAMEN)-Technology provides internal combustion engines with the following advantages:

  1. Soot emission is close to zero, making soot filters redundant;
  2. Fuel consumption and Co2 emission reduction of 5 to 10%, partly caused by making the soot filter redundant;
  3. Improved engine performance of 5 to 10 %;
  4. Less fuel-pump capacity required due to lower injection pressures, 1 to 2 % reduction of fuel consumption; and
  5. Add-on character. The advantages mentioned above can be achieved by replacing the conventional injector with the innovative PFAMEN-Injector and some minor engine management modifications, like a reduction of the fuel injection pressure.